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[IMG]Aunt Sadie.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 61K
[IMG]Bob and Sarah Winona probably in Cornville area.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 146K
[IMG]Bob and grader.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 325K
[IMG]David and Virgil on Uncle Bob's Ford roadster.jpg30-May-2011 14:40 185K
[IMG]Emil Daniel, Randolph, and Nancy Orinda.jpeg30-May-2011 14:41 82K
[IMG]Emil Daniel and family.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 252K
[IMG]Grandmother Winona and Bob.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 411K
[IMG]Jimmy Jergins and Nancy Orinda.jpeg30-May-2011 14:41 149K
[IMG]Maggie.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 77K
[IMG]Nancy Orinda.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 83K
[IMG]Nancy Orinda in St. George.jpeg30-May-2011 14:41 123K
[IMG]Nancy Orinda tjarcher.jpg30-May-2011 14:40 72K
[IMG]Robert E. Lee Winona photo.jpg30-May-2011 14:40 59K
[   ]Robert E. Lee Winona photo.odt30-May-2011 14:40 147K
[IMG]Robert E Winona009.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 118K
[IMG]Sarah Winona probably in Cornville area.jpeg30-May-2011 14:41 203K
[IMG]Ura Jordan and Sarah Winona .jpg30-May-2011 14:41 112K
[IMG]Virgil in Silver Lake - back of photo - Son and a big owl he killed last winter.jpg30-May-2011 14:41 456K

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