Visit to Valley of Fire in 2020

I visited family recently in southern Utah, and while there my brother and his wife invited me to go on a hike with them and my little nephew. We went to a place called Valley of Fire down in Nevada and I took some pictures.

We stopped at where I think the trail is supposed to start, a place with a parking lot, restrooms, and frankly too many people in my opinion. Yeah, yeah... But part of the reason for going on a hike in the toolies is to get away from people, ya know? (grin) Anyway, we took a pit stop, walked a hundred yards or so up a sandy canyon and I took this picture. Valley of Fire Trailhead

We got back in the car and drove to a small pull-off around what I gather to be the opposite end of one of the canyons here. Southern Utah and Northern Nevada are sure pretty. Ok, so there's not a lot of green leafy stuff growing here, but I think this sort of rugged landscape has a beauty all it's own. I grew up in New Mexico, so maybe that's it.
Start of hike into opposite end of the valley
A view off to the right

I think much of the rock in this area is sandstone? Anyway, the trail is in the bottom of a wash. The rocks have eroded over the eons leaving some interesting colors and textures.
Unusual colors and textures

I noticed we could see the moon even though it was late afternoon. Anyway, it caught my eye so I snapped a photo (best viewed zoomed in to 1 to 1).

After winding around in this canyon/wash, we got to where I think we could see the odd peaks we'd seen at the trail head with the facilities. But the sun was going down and we had another 2 or 3 mile hike to get back to the car already so we didn't go much further. We climbed up out of the canyon, part way up one side and I snapped a few photos. You can see the white-topped peaks with the sun shining on them, then way beyond them a big valley, and way beyond that, some mountains. One of the things I love about the southwest is that "unlimited visibility" usually means really unlimited. (grin)
View out of the valley 1
View out of the valley 2
View out of the valley 3

The sun was really getting low and we decided to head back. I took one last shot before we turned around. Again, zoom to 1 to 1 (1 pixel in the picture = 1 pixel on your screen) to get the full effect.
Sun is setting